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Earn more – we bring patients to you. We have corporates and employers providing our on-demand telehealth services to their members and employees. We know you want to focus on patient care. With DOCTORONLINE365 you’ll get telehealth training, turnkey telehealth platform and billing, allowing you to focus on what’s important to you – your patients.

See Your Own Patients

Grow your practice – engaging patients and offering convenience is key to expanding your business. With our APHRA compliant platform, you can immediately begin offering telehealth services for a variety of consults usually conducted in rooms. Our platform complements your face-to-face practice by freeing up time for the more complex patients. You can keep your patients happy and your practice thriving.

Top features for GPs

  • Live Video Consults – An Internet Connection is Required
  • Online Prescription and Delivery Service
  • Online Appointment Booking System
  • Virtual Waiting Room
  • Seamless Payment System
  • Register and Start Seeing Patients Now

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